1. Three More Benefits of Dental Implants

    In our last blog, we talked about two important benefits of dental implants. Today, we will cover three more ways that high-quality dental implants can improve your health and happiness. When you’re ready to learn more about your dental implant and restorative dentistry options, please contact us …Read More

  2. Two Surprising Benefits of Dental Implants

    The decision to get dental implants is one that people don’t take lightly. Because the process can be time-consuming, costly, and uncomfortable, many people like to take their time doing a fair amount of research on different procedures before going through with these surgeries. Here at the Djawda…Read More

  3. The Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry

    Being afraid of going to the dentist is more common than you might realize. It’s estimated that nearly 15 percent of Americans are afraid of going to the dentist, and will avoid going entirely to prevent themselves from experiencing that anxiety. Fortunately, the Djawdan Center offers sedation den…Read More

  4. Corporate Dentist vs. Independent Dentist

    More and more these days, the dental office you go to may not be independently owned. While that’s not an issue for some, others have expressed concerns that a dentist employed by a corporate chain might be subject to management’s decisions for pricing and procedures. Many corporate dental chain…Read More

  5. The Power of Natural Chewing

    From the desk of Annapolis dentist Dr. Kian Djawdan… DENTAL IMPLANTS PROVIDE SEVERAL IMPORTANT BENEFITS WHEN REPLACING LOST TEETH, INCLUDING THE REDUCTION OF BONE LOSS IN THE JAW. Recent studies have shown that denture wearers take nearly 20 percent more medication for gastrointestinal disorder, t…Read More

  6. Personalized Care for Your Unique Smile

    Damaged and missing teeth are not only a cosmetic concern, they also affect both oral and overall health. A healthy and functional bite is part of our daily quality of life, enabling us to eat and speak normally. Poor oral has also been shown to have a detrimental affect on overall physical health, …Read More

  7. Old Dentures Can Affect Oral and Overall Health

    Are your old dentures threatening your health? Millions of adults and senior citizens wear dentures. But most denture wearers do not see a dentist for annual oral exams and routine preventive care. They often pride themselves on keeping the same dentures for many years; this can be a big mistake. WH…Read More

  8. Bring Back Your Smile with Sedation Dentistry

    DO YOU: Delay the treatment you know you need or want? Feel pain especially when you eat? Have difficulty getting numb? Hate the sound of the drill? Often feel overwhelmed by the thought of multiple dental visits? Feel scared to pick up the phone to schedule a dental appointment? You are not alone! …Read More

  9. Kick off the New Year with a new smile!

    Healthy and symmetrical gums are an integral part of an aesthetic smile; they should act to complement a person’s smile rather than distract from it. Even the beauty of straight, white teeth can be diminished with gums that extend past the normal margins, leading to feelings of self-consciousness …Read More

  10. Let Us Help You Get a Better Night’s Rest

    Snoring is often more than just an annoying sleep habit that keeps you and your family awake at night. It can be the sign of an undiagnosed sleep disorder that goes beyond disrupting a good night’s rest and may be putting your overall health at risk. If you snore, it is important to diagnose and a…Read More