Food is an essential part of life, both for enjoyment and survival. However, once you’ve had a dental implant procedure, there are certain foods that should not be consumed because they can cause serious damage to your new implants. In this blog, we’ll detail some foods that should be avoided after your dental implant procedure so you can enjoy your new implants and dental freedom. At The Djawdan Center for Implant and Restorative Dentistry in Annapolis, Maryland, we’re proud to offer professional dentistry solutions for all of our patients. Our staff is dedicated to your ultimate dental and oral health and we want to do our best to make you feel confident in your smile. Contact our Annapolis, Maryland office for an appointment today!


While this Italian treat is delicious after dinner or with a steaming cup of coffee, its hard and dense texture can cause cracks or chips in teeth. If you plan to enjoy a piece of biscotti, it’s best to dunk it in your hot beverage first to allow it to soften before biting into it. A few cookies or a muffin is a better option to preserve the longevity of your dental implants.


A movie theater favorite, popcorn is a delicious salty, buttery treat that makes your favorite flick even better. However, the real danger of popcorn isn’t the popped kernels, but instead the unpopped ones. An unsuspecting bite down onto a hard popcorn kernel can instantly crack a healthy natural tooth or destroy dental implants. Many moviegoers love eating these tough seeds, but it’s best for your dental health to abstain completely from eating unpopped popcorn kernels. If you’re looking for a salty snack to munch the next time you go to the movies, try chips or crackers instead.

Chewy Candies

Candy such as taffy, jelly beans, caramels, and gummy worms are bad news for both natural teeth and dental implants. This is because these treats can dislodge fillings, crowns, partial implants, and even seriously damage full implants. If you do need something sweet during the day or after a meal, the best choices for your teeth include dark chocolate, sugarless candies, and candy bars with lots of nuts.

Sugary Beverages

Beverages with added sugar can range anywhere to fruit juices and sports drinks to specialty coffee concoctions. However, too much sugar can erode the enamel on your teeth, cause cavities, and lead to too much bad bacteria in your mouth. Further, a diet high in refined or processed sugar can eventually lead to needing fillings, crowns, partial implants, or a complete dental implant procedure. While it may be hard to give up your favorite sodas or daily coffee drink, curbing your daily sugar intake will help to preserve your natural teeth longer.

Take care of your teeth with these tips, and if you find yourself needing dental restoration or other dental procedures in Annapolis, Maryland, contact The Djawdan Center for Implant and Restorative Dentistry in Annapolis, Maryland for an appointment now! We look forward to helping you achieve excellent dental health!