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Teeth In A Day
Annapolis, MD

Are you tired of not being able to smile confidently due to hopeless or missing teeth? Do you have a difficult time chewing food, or have had to eliminate some of your favorite food from your diet altogether? If so, you might want to explore your options with dental implants and learn how you can get all new teeth in one visit.

The Problem with Failing or Missing Teeth

Whether you are losing your teeth slowly, one failing tooth at a time, or you lost multiple teeth in an accident, you aren't happy with your teeth the way they are. Not only that, but your bone will begin to deteriorate over time if nothing is present to replace the missing teeth. This will cause resorption of the bone, and ultimately will collapse the structure of the face. Some people may experience other health issues directly related to poor diet due to being restricted to soft or liquid diets.

Revolutionary Program

The teeth in a day procedure is nothing short of amazing! At The Djawdan Center, we utilize state of the art technology to digitally design your new perfect smile. From the initial mapping of the surgical procedure to the final restoration, we can accurately reconstruct a new fixed set of screw-retained teeth under one roof.

If you already have dentures, or you have failing teeth, they will be replaced on the same day that you get your implants. You will leave with a brand-new set of temporary teeth that will serve as a protective housing for your implants. Once they have fully healed, we can begin making your new permanent teeth! With our technology, we can map out your entire mouth and create a smile that is a perfect fit just for you.

Why Teeth in A Day?

Many people are in dire need of a permanent solution to missing teeth or failing teeth that are causing them pain. With teeth in a day, the patient leaves the same day with a new set of teeth and without the teeth that were causing pain, inflammation, or infection. Patients are pleasantly surprised that they experience little to no discomfort after the procedure and only minor swelling or bruising. They are able to speak and smile confidently the very next day!

If you are interested in learning more about this procedure or other possible treatment options, we welcome you to give us a call at (443) 569-8764. We are happy to help schedule your complimentary consultation and give you the smile you deserve!

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