Brushing your teeth is second nature for many people. However, it can be easy to learn bad habits and actually brush your teeth the wrong way without even realizing it. Because brushing your teeth is important and essential to your oral and dental health, we’ll discuss some common mistakes that occur often when practicing oral hygiene so you can ensure that you’re brushing your teeth the correct way. If you’re searching for an excellent and dedicated dentist in Annapolis who offers dental restoration and sedation dentistry, look no further than The Djawdan Center for Implant and Restorative Dentistry. We want to help you feel confident in your smile! Call us today for an appointment!

Choose the Right Toothbrush

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a stiff toothbrush to ensure that you’re getting all of the plaque and bacteria off of your teeth. A soft-bristled brush is the best choice for your enamel, especially if you have the tendency to brush hard or vigorously. If you struggle with range of motion or have issues getting every part of your mouth while brushing, an electric toothbrush might take the stress away of brushing regularly.

Brush for Two Minutes Twice a Day

Many people fall short of the two minute rule, but one of the best ways to ensure that you’re brushing long enough is to divide your mouth into four quadrants and spend 30 seconds on each quadrant. You can set a timer to keep yourself accountable the first few times. However, don’t brush too intently or you could end up with sore or bleeding gums. Apply gentle pressure while brushing and allow the brush to do the work for you. It doesn’t take too much effort to thoroughly clean your teeth. It’s best to brush your teeth in the morning after waking up and before bedtime.

Replace Your Toothbrush Often

This can be an easy oversight, but it’s essential to change your toothbrush every two to three months and especially after being ill. Failing to do this will only reintroduce bacteria into your mouth every time that you brush and also cause your routine to suffer due to frayed or missing bristles.

Watch Out for Sugar and Acid

We all know that eating sugar is bad for our teeth, but eating foods that contain acid is also bad for your teeth. If you do eat foods with sugar or acid in them, wait at least 30 minutes before brushing afterwards. Both types of foods weaken the enamel of teeth, and brushing too soon after the enamel is soft can actually scrape the enamel away and cause it to wear away faster than normal.

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