Going to the dentist can be a nightmare for people who struggle with dental anxiety. If you find that you’re putting off important dental checkups and procedures due to stress and anxiety, you’re not alone. Up to 15 percent of people experience dental anxiety in some form, so if you find that you’re struggling with the issue, communicate your fears with your dentist or dental hygienist. Contact Djawdan Center for Implant and Restorative Dentistry today for an appointment and a staff that will take excellent care of you. Call today for more information!

Talk with Your Dentist

The best thing that you can do for yourself and the dental staff that will be caring for you is to communicate your fears and worries with them. Before you schedule your appointment, ask if you can speak with the hygienist, dentist, and anyone else who will be present for your procedures. Explain why you feel afraid and talk about any bad or embarrassing experiences that you’ve had in the past. A dentist can explain the different procedures that are needed for your care, and even show you the instruments. Whatever your fears may be, discussing them before your next procedure will help everyone know what your fears are and how to help you have a better and more positive dental experience.

Bring Someone With You

A friend, significant other, or family member will help you to feel more relaxed and offer moral support during your checkup or procedure. Call ahead of time and ask if you can have someone in the procedure room with you. If so, you can hold his or her hand or even just focus on him or her to keep yourself calm and less stressed out. You can also communicate your fears with the individual who comes with you, and he or she can be on the lookout for signs of panic or anxiety, especially if you’re not able to speak due to instruments being in your mouth.

Check Into Sedation

If you’ve tried every type of relaxation technique and nothing is helping you, ask your dentist about sedation. At Djawdan Center for Implant and Restorative Dentistry, sedation dentistry is something that we’re proud to offer to our patients who struggle with anxiety and panic related to dental treatments and procedures. Dr. Djawdan is the only dentist in Annapolis who is licensed and trained to administer anesthesia for sedation dentistry. Our office also offers three different types of sedation, so we’ll work with you to decide which sedation method is right for you. We understand that you might help handling your dental anxiety, so contact our helpful staff today for more information about our sedation dentistry options.

Dental anxiety never helps, especially if you’re in need of a checkup or important procedure. Our helpful and understanding staff will do their best to make your next dental procedure a positive experience. Contact The Djawdan Center for Implant and Restorative Dentistry in Annapolis now for more information about the dental services we offer!