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Traditional Vs. Mini Dental Implants

A Durable, Long-Term Solution

Mini dental implants may seem like the simple solution to more expensive traditional implants. However, mini dental implants are prone to bending, becoming loose, and eventually fracturing - only to be replaced by traditional implants later. Save money, time, and avoid eventual discomfort with traditional implants.

Traditional Dental Implants
•  1.8 to 7 mm in diameter
•  Reliable for a long-term solution
•  Provides a strong anchor for treatment
•  Generally larger initial investment

Mini Dental Implants
•  Less than 3 mm (smaller than traditional implants)
•  Marketed for those who lack sufficient bone density
•  Cheaper
•  Can bend or break
•  Do not last as long as traditional implants


At our office in Annapolis, we offer dental implants that vary in diameter from 1.8 mm to 7 mm. The mini implant is a dental implant that is fabricated with a reduced diameter (less than 3 mm) and shorter in length than traditional dental implants. We have seen a recent increase in some dentists using mini dental implants in place of traditional implants. These dentists are marketing mini implants as being painless, simple and less expensive than traditional dental implants.

Unfortunately, they do not inform patients that mini implants bend! Yes, they are bendable. This flexure fatigues the implant and they eventually fracture or become loose necessitating removal. I have removed many mini implants from unhappy patients who spent a lot of money for what they thought was a permanent solution.


Mini implants are best used as a temporary solution. In rare cases of an edentulous patient (no teeth) mini dental implants may be appropriate to help retain a removable lower denture.

Why Not Dentures?

If you are looking into dental implants, you may also be considering dentures. Dentures can be a sufficient temporary solution, but is generally not best for those looking for long-term treatment. Dentures are not recommended because:
•  They move and reduce chewing ability by 75%
•  Inhibit taste
•  Accelerate bone loss
•  Can indirectly cause other serious health issues

To learn why implants are the superior choice for most patients in Annapolis, check out our Dentures Vs. Implants page.