With the variety of options available today for sedation dentistry, there is no need to avoid going to the dentist anymore!

Patients at the Djawdan Center for Implant and Restorative Dentistry can discuss their concerns with Dr. Djawdan prior to treatment. He will make a recommendation for the best sedation option based on their procedure and level of perceived comfort to ensure their relaxation during treatment.

Dr. Djawdan is one of few dentists nationwide with the training and certification to offer all types of sedation dentistry to meet the varying needs of patients requiring restorative and cosmetic procedures to address complex dental issues. Dr. Djawdan places the safety of his patients first in every procedure, discussing all aspects of sedation options and treatment expectations beforehand.
sedation-dentistry-annapolisSedation dentistry options:

  • oral sedation: the least predictable option, oral sedation uses a pill (or more than one) to allow a patient to be “asleep” during treatment while still in control of all bodily functions.
  • nitrous oxide: “laughing gas” is the most commonly requested form of sedation, enabling the patient to be in control of bodily functions while feeling completely relaxed during a procedure. In most cases, patients can drive themselves home after using nitrous oxide as the effects wear off once the mask is removed.
  • IV sedation: called “deep conscious sedation”, sedatives are delivered directly into the bloodstream and the level of sedation can be more precise and controlled throughout treatment. Dr. Djawdan often recommends this type of sedation for many patients because of the greater degree of predictability it offers.

If fear of the dentist or dental procedures is holding you back and threatening your oral health, discuss your concerns with Dr. Djawdan and learn about your options for sedation dentistry. Dr. Djawdan will ensure that you feel calm, relaxed and confident that your treatment will give you back your smile!