Patients who suffer on a daily basis with missing teeth or poor fitting dentures experience a diminished quality of life: eating and speaking normally becomes a challenge often leading to additional health problems and social withdrawal.

Modern restorative dentistry provides options for tooth replacement that function much like a natural tooth and offer long term dental health benefits: dental implants and implant secured dentures. Dental implants are permanently placed in the jaw with a titanium post that is surgically implanted and acts much like a tooth root. Implant secured dentures use as few as four dental implants that are strategically placed in the jaw to permanently secure a hybrid denture appliance. The posts help to reduce bone loss, a common occurrence when teeth are lost which causes the jaw to shrink over time, affecting both oral health and appearance.

Dr. Djawdan is one the most experienced and highly trained dentists in the Annapolis area for tooth replacement with dental implants and he offers implant secured dentures, also known as all-on-four implants, in his Annapolis dentist office. Dr. Djawdan has the advanced training, technology and experience to enable him to offer Nobel Biocare Immediate Function procedures which provide teeth in a day for patients missing all of their top or bottom teeth. This process has revolutionized modern teeth replacement and can be life changing for patients suffering with the effects of lost teeth or slipping dentures.


Dr. Djawdan will evaluate a patient’s oral health and discuss their personal goals before creating a treatment plan to ensure they are a candidate for dental implants. If you are considering this procedure, attend one of the FREE seminars offered at the Djawdan Center for Implant and Restorative Dentistry to address your questions and concerns.