Annapolis dentist Dr. Kian Djawdan offers treatment options for a “gummy smile” using the latest technology and techniques for great results- virtually pain free!

Long gums or a “gummy smile” can cause teeth to look short and unattractive. Genetics, health problems, or prescription drugs can affect the size of gums. When gums rest too low or high on the teeth, gum contouring surgery can reshape and even out the gum line, giving you a more balanced smile.

Gum contouring using dental lasers is a cosmetic dental procedure that can dramatically improve the appearance of a person’s smile- with less pain and down time when compared to traditional surgical methods. Sometimes gum contouring is necessary when gum recession has occurred due to periodontal issues or to trim overgrown tissue.

Dr. Kian Djawdan is one of the few dentists in Annapolis to offer this cosmetic dentistry treatment. After numbing the gums with local anesthesia, lasers and radiosurgery are used to contour the gums and essentially lift the gum and expose more of the natural tooth. Dentists used to use scalpels to reduce the prominence of the gums, causing pain and bleeding. With the invention of laser dentistry, gum contouring is now virtually painless and can be performed in a single office visit. Lasers lessen the pain and bleeding and allow for better sterilization, greater precision, and control.

The recovery period is quick – thought it may take a few days or weeks for the gums to heal completely. You should eat soft and cool foods such as eggs, pasta, yogurt, soft vegetables, or ice cream. Avoid spicy foods and things with seeds. You can ease pain and inflammation with over the counter pain relievers.

Gum contouring gives patients even and smooth gums, exposing more tooth and allowing the gums to frame the smile rather than dominate it. Dr. Kian Djawdan can help you get the balanced and beautiful smile you’re looking for.