Put an end to slipping dentures

More people are becoming aware that there is an alternative to slipping and ill- fitting dentures.  Unlike removable dentures, dental implant supported teeth won’t move, slip or shift. Dental implant supported teeth will also provide full support and stability to help you regain complete and natural chewing function. One of the biggest benefits that dental implants supported teeth provides is restored ability to smile and chew food which is an important aspect of social interaction, self-esteem, longevity and overall good health.

Recent studies have shown that denture wearers take nearly 20 percent more medication for gastrointestinal disorders, then what people with a full complement of natural teeth and or dental implant supported teeth.  This is due to the loss of chewing power.  Dentures provide only 6 to 12 percent of the chewing power of natural teeth. This makes it very difficult or even impossible to chew food adequately.  Most denture wearers will have to change their eating habits by cutting food into tiny pieces or switching to a completely soft and/or liquid diet.

Historically patients losing their teeth or with an ill-fitting dentures may have been told that they were not a candidate for dental implants or that they didn’t have enough bone.  So, they had no choice, but to accepted the denture and adapt, however as time goes on the patient continues to lose jaw bone and the denture becomes lose and ill-fitting.  The next denture will be bulker and have even less support with the continued loss of jaw bone.

If you are struggling with a loose or ill-fitting denture and have been reluctant to explore the possible alternatives, due to fear and or embarrassment, stop struggling!  We welcome the opportunity to help patients explore all of their treatment options with a judgement free consultation.

Dr. Djawdan is thrilled to have the opportunity to offer patients who suffer with ill-fitting dentures or are faced with losing all of their teeth.

With a digital CT scan taken right here in our Annapolis, Maryland office, Dr. Djawdan uses 3-D imaging software to visualize the placement of dental implants and then designs a surgical guide.

Diagnostic impressions bite registrations and pictures will be used by our on-site dental lab to fabricate your new teeth.

In as little as a few days you can return and while under IV sedation, Dr. Djawdan will use the surgical guide to place your dental implants and seat your new teeth. Most patients find that they are able to eat and speak with a confidence they have not experienced in years the very next day.