There are many people who suffer for months and years with damaged and/or missing teeth due to financial concerns over paying for what they fear to be very extensive dental work. Although tooth replacement can be one of the more expensive ares of dentistry, Annapolis restorative dentist Dr. Djawdan encourages ALL those who have lost teeth to come in and discuss their options- both treatment and cost.


In many cases, patients are surprised to learn of the payment options available and how they can maximize dental insurance benefits and HSA/FSA accounts in order to pay for new teeth or restoration of badly damaged teeth within their budget!

Replacing lost teeth and restoring damaged teeth is important not only for your dental health, but for your long term physical well being. Poor dental health is associated with a variety of overall health concerns including heart disease and diabetes: untreated dental problems can allow harmful bacteria to enter the blood stream and possibly cause or exacerbate these health problems. Missing teeth also affect speech and diet, both of which are an important part of daily quality of life.

Dr. Djawdan and his staff will provide a thorough assessment of your dental health, recommending only the dentistry you need to bring back your healthy, natural smile. Dr. Djawdan will explain the total costs involved with all treatment options so that you can make the best decision for your dental health, cosmetic goals and budget. You can explore our financing options and see if the discount we offer for payment in full with cash or a check provides the savings you need. In many cases, procedures can be strategically staged to accommodate your budget while restoring your smile.

Replacing missing teeth and repairing damaged ones can give you back your life in many ways! Bring back your confidence, enjoy a heathy diet and enjoy looking and feeling younger with a healthy new smile.