More and more these days, the dental office in Annapolis you go to may not be independently owned. While that’s not an issue for some, others have expressed concerns that a dentist employed by a corporate chain might be subject to management’s decisions for pricing and procedures. Many corporate dental chains advertise extensively, so their names may be recognizable to you. You might see something like a ClearChoice location in your town and several others nearby.

Profits First

It’s likely that the dentists who work in a corporate owned office still share the same passion and sense of dedication to their work that an independent dentist does. However, for dentists working for a chain, they recognize that they have to hit certain financial targets and goals in order to support the larger corporation. That means that pricing may be determined by an off-site corporate office, and not by the dentist themselves. This can leave patients with a high-cost procedure that may not be right for their needs.

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

This pressure to hit quotas means that corporate dental offices follow an assembly line model. Appointments are brief, and the patient might feel disconnected from the dentist. This detached style of dental care creates a tense relationship between patient and clinic. Patients may avoid going to the dentist regularly because they don’t feel like their needs are being met, and more importantly, that they aren’t being heard by their oral healthcare provider.

A Loss of Trust

For some, going to the dentist can be a stressful or even traumatic experience. When you’re rushed through a dental appointment, you may not trust your corporate dentist to care for your teeth. As a result, your oral health declines and could lead to a sense of embarrassment about the state of your teeth.