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Sedation Dentistry Annapolis, MD

Relax with Sedation Dentistry

We understand the fear and embarrassment associated with going to the dentist. Does this sound like you…

  • Avoider:
    Most of our patients have not been to the dentist in seven, ten or even twenty years.
  • Embarrassed:
    Many of them cover their mouth with their hand when they laugh or smile.
  • Ashamed:
    Many of our patients have been lectured about their teeth and gums or educated about “needed dentistry” and as a result have avoided the dentist due to fear and embarrassment.
  • Too Busy:
    Some patients were simply too busy to coordinate multiple visits between their family dentist and the specialist.

Sedation dentistry is also an excellent solution for patients who have sore joints, sensitive gag reflex and difficulty getting numb.

We Can Help

Dr. Djawdan will put you at ease with his judgment-free conversation. He takes special interest in getting to know his patients and listening to what you would like to achieve.

Got bad teeth? See before and after photos of patients’ we’ve helped using sedation and restorative dentistry techniques.

Dr. Djawdan offers sedation dentistry in Annapolis“One size does not fit all in modern dentistry. I truly believe in listening to what the patient wants and then designing a custom treatment plan based on what the patient wants to achieve”, says Annapolis dentist Dr. Kian Djawdan.

Any Procedure, Fewer Visits

One or two visits might be all that is needed. One of the most compelling benefits of IV sedation is that you can get several dental procedures performed in just a single office visit.