The alternative solution to dentures

In the past people who suffered with loose, missing and unsightly teeth only had one choice to replace the appearance of teeth; a denture. A denture only replaces the appearance of teeth, not the function. Dentures have the least patient satisfaction of any dental procedure.

Dr. Djawdan is pleased to be among only a few dentist in the United States that has the advanced training, technology and experience to offer Teeth-in-an Hour and Immediate Replacement of Teeth with Dental Implants for loose, missing and unsightly teeth. He was the first dentist in the Maryland, DC, VA area to acquisition the digital I-CAT and 3D imaging software which makes this treatment solution possible. He has been successfully placing oral implants and restoring them since 1994.

About the Teeth In An Hour Procedure

Patients don't need to worry about having to go a single day without their teeth. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology into his treatment plan, Dr. Djawdan is able to offer patients the immediate replacement of teeth with dental implants. The teeth in an hour procedure allows people to have their teeth removed, dental implants placed and restored with a temporary dental bridge all in the same day.

The teeth in an hour procedure is possible because of comprehensive pre-treatment planning. Dr. Djawdan uses advanced 3D imaging software to plan the precise placement of the dental implants.

The teeth are removed in a comfortable operatory setting under dental sedation. Next, the dental implants are placed. The dental implant is a titanium post that fuses to the bone, replacing the root of the tooth. Depending on your condition, we may place anywhere from one to seven dental implants to replace a single missing tooth or entire set of missing teeth. For patients needing to replace all of their missing teeth, learn more about the All on 4 procedure.

A temporary crown or hybrid bridge will be secured to the dental implants to restore esthetics and function. Patients are advised to adhere to a soft diet during the 2 - 3 months following the teeth in an hour procedure for proper healing of the dental implants.

When the dental implants have fully integrated with the jaw bone, the temporary bridge will be removed and the permanent bridge will be secured in place for a permanent restoration.

Case Study

  • Maryland Dental Implants
    Years of dental anxiety lead to neglect then to embarrassment and a unsightly smile, which then impaired her social behavior.
  • Maryland Dental Implants

    During the consultation 3D imaging was used to plan for the removal of teeth and placement of dental implants. Impressions were taken to fabricate a provisional hybrid bridge.

  • Maryland Dental Implants
    Teeth were removed; dental implants placed and provisional hybrid bridge was secured to the dental implants.
  • Maryland Dental Implants

    Post op imaging of dental implants placed same day.

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The Djawdan Center for Implant and Restorative Dentistry is the leading facility in Annapolis for dental implants including the teeth in an hour procedure. Dr. Djawdan has nearly 20 years experience in implant dentistry to provide patients with the best long lasting, natural looking results.

If you have lost or will be losing most or all of your teeth, contact us for a consultation. We will carefully review your condition and outline the various treatment options available to you. We offer affordable payment options to make affording your dental implant procedure easy and stress-free.