Are You Missing a Tooth? There are Options for You!

The American Dental Association (ADA) estimates that more than 70 percent of Americans are missing a partial or full tooth. There are many factors that can cause one to lose a tooth, such as an accident, genetics, or tooth decay. Teeth aren’t simply for aesthetics; they’re essential to living a healthy and full life. You… read more

Lost a Tooth? Watch Out for These Dental Issues!

Losing a tooth can cause a whole host of dental issues, as well as multiple health problems. Many people don’t realize the problems that a lost tooth or missing teeth can cause until it happens to them. Dentists agree that tooth loss is serious and needs to be addressed as soon as possible so the… read more

Common Mistakes of Tooth Brushing

Brushing your teeth is second nature for many people. However, it can be easy to learn bad habits and actually brush your teeth the wrong way without even realizing it. Because brushing your teeth is important and essential to your oral and dental health, we’ll discuss some common mistakes that occur often when practicing oral… read more

Worst Foods for Dental Implants

Food is an essential part of life, both for enjoyment and survival. However, once you’ve had a dental implant procedure, there are certain foods that should not be consumed because they can cause serious damage to your new implants. In this blog, we’ll detail some foods that should be avoided after your dental implant procedure… read more

How to Take Care of Your Dental Implants

If you’ve recently received dental implants, you probably are enjoying eating whatever you like and are smiling with renewed confidence. However, taking care of your artificial teeth is quite different than maintaining natural teeth, so it’s important to learn how to properly care for your new implants. In this post, we’ll discuss some tips for… read more

Why It Is Essential to Have Your Teeth Cleaned

Brushing and flossing your teeth is essential to your dental health, and it’s important to the longevity of your teeth to schedule regular dental cleanings. Your teeth have tiny crevices where food debris and bacteria can lodge, causing harmful bacteria, gum disease, and a host of other issues that can negatively affect your dental health,… read more

Why Choose Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is growing in popularity, and it’s an excellent option for all types of individuals who are in need of dental work and treatment. Being “put under” is no longer reserved for those who struggle with dental anxiety. You can opt for sedation if you have extensive dental work in your future and would… read more

Four FAQs for Sedation Dentistry

If you’re considering sedation dentistry, you’re probably wondering about what to expect and are even a little nervous. Sedation dentistry is a great way to have an intense treatment or procedure completed without having to be put completely under anesthesia. Also this is a great option if you struggle with dental anxiety and would prefer… read more

How to Overcome Dental Anxiety

Going to the dentist can be a nightmare for people who struggle with dental anxiety. If you find that you’re putting off important dental checkups and procedures due to stress and anxiety, you’re not alone. Up to 15 percent of people experience dental anxiety in some form, so if you find that you’re struggling with… read more

Mini Dental Implants

MINI DENTAL IMPLANTS: SOLUTION TO SECURE ILL-FITTING DENTURES The most effective use of mini dental implants is the stabilization of a lower denture. There are approximately 50,000,000 people in the United States who are “edentulous” (literally meaning lacking teeth) who struggle daily with prosthetic devices. A majority suffer a great deal of discomfort as a… read more